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Practice Makes Perfect

Recently we have been working on a video that will be shown to our new hire employees.  This is a big undertaking and involves many people within the organization.  Producing a video is a time consuming project that takes quite a bit of organization and cooperation to complete.  This is a project that really shouldn’t be thrown together in an afternoon.  As we are finding out the 5 P’s really do apply to creating a quality, well organized video.  As you may be aware, the 5 P’s are:

  • Prior
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Poor
  • Performance

Everyone has a different way to get ready to record a video.  Some people like to have notes handy. Other people need every word on cue cards and some people prepare while rehearsing in the mirror.  The point here is that you need to prepare and give a significant amount of thought to what you are about to put together.  Here is a helpful article with some great tips to help get you started.




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What is Your Flashpoint?

What is your flashpoint blogIn the world of science, a Flashpoint is the lowest temperature at which a given liquid will ignite.  There are two basic types of flash point measurements: open cup and closed cup.  In open cup devices the sample is contained in an open cup which is heated, and at intervals a flame is brought over the surface. In closed cup testers the samples are in the cups which are sealed with a lid through which the ignition source can be introduced.

In social media a Flashpoint can be considered the point at which your follower engagement takes off.  What is the catalyst that you can employ to drive engagement?  Video?  Graphics? SME interviews? Podcasts?  What medium are you using to get people talking?  Is it working?  Have you compared yourself to your competitors and what are they doing better than you?  Perhaps you should add another resource to your social arsenal such as this relatively new posting feature on LinkedIn.  Content is key as @RyanHanley_com will tell you any day of the week.  What you need to then ask yourself is: are you measuring engagement or randomly pushing out material?  Do you actually know what your Flashpoint is?  If not, why?  If you don’t have one, be bold and brave and try something new because success comes through failure.