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Why Am I Seeing This?

I love finding shortcuts and easy ways to do my job. I don’t mean that I’m lazy but with all the tasks that are required to do this job well, having tools that make them easier and faster are beneficial. It’s the old “it’s not how well you mow fast, it’s how fast you mow well” kind of thing. Examples of this include Hootsuite which makes my posting life a dream. Google Analytics which give me the insight to know who is paying attention to me. Other things like Facebook and Google trends allow me to think about current events in terms of our business and use those topics as a stepping off point to timely posts that people are tuned into right now.

This business is about keeping up with your competitors and putting out better resources that draw the attention of new clients. There are a few tricks out there like following their pages, blogs and Instagram accounts to see what they are sharing and then taking that and in your own way turning that into your own useful information sharing. I came across another handy tip today thank you to one of the many social media resource experts that I look to for help when I need it. I am not sure about you, but I am super sensitive about seeing annoying ads in my personal Facebook Newsfeed. I shouldn’t be because we have advertised on our social media channels so I get it. I just don’t necessarily appreciate it all the time. So, the suggestion, which might border on simple brilliance, was that when you see an ad from your competitors which is pretty easy to spot you should click on the “why am I seeing this option” choice instead of hitting “hide this ad”. When you do that, you will be able to see why you’re seeing the ad which tells you the demographic that they are targeting and a small piece of insight into why. BAM! super smart right?

This isn’t really sneaky just creative in that it allows you to begin thinking about to whom you should consider marketing to and some of the why. Now, you may already be doing this but if you’re not it will at least provide you with an idea or two on potential ways and topics with which to reach a certain demographic that may seem just out of your marketing reach. Add this to your regular strategic arsenal and you’ll only fine tune not only your target audience but also the way in which you are reaching them.


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No, You Are Not Crazy!

no you are not crazy blogOnce again Facebook has been making navigational changes which most likely you, as all of us do, found out overnight.  This one isn’t “new” but it may be for some of you.  As with most changes that Facebook makes, moving the company newsfeed and some key statistics and resources was done in waves.  If you have been struggling to find your newsfeed, you may be included in one of the most recent waves.  This is a post I have been meaning to write for a while so my apologies for its tardiness.

Here’s how the change may have occurred for you.  If you chose your company page from the drop-down menu next to your privacy shortcuts on the top navigation bar and chose your business page, it most likely would appear as if you were looking at your page as a visitor.  Your page identity most likely remained as that of your personal page and clicking on the Facebook icon on the top left did nothing.  You would probably have been able to see  your notifications and insights for the page but no timeline in sight.

You will now find the link to your company Facebook page newsfeed located on the left side of your page under your profile picture labelled “View Pages Feed”.


You will see other statistics such as page likes, how many visitors you have had this week along with the options to invite friends to your page and how many you have reached with your weekly posts.  The aforementioned link takes you directly to your company newsfeed and it’s business as usual.