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Are You Missing Out on 82%?

Social Media is an ever evolving tool for business. Keeping up can be challenging but not as challenging as not participating at all. Are you using social media as part of your business plan? If you are then you know how much work it can be. The work it takes to engage your clients socially is absolutely worth it if you do it right and are consistent, responsive and playing in the right arena for your target audience. If you aren’t using social media, why not? If you are looking for a good place to find and engage with prospects, overlooking social sites is a big mistake. Here are some of the top reasons NOT to pass up social media as a business tool and some do’s and don’t s when using it.


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Don’t Be Social Media White Noise

Spower of social mediaocial Media is a wonderful way to share who your company is, what you sell, what you do within your community and for those you serve to share with their friends.  Make no mistake about it, it is work.  Every day there is monitoring and planning that goes on about what you are going to share, which platform you will share it on, what medium it is delivered by and when it should go out.  Without thought to this you are just speaking into the canyon and the only one talking back is your echo.

Social Media is just that, social.  It functions just like the great art of communication where there is a sender, a message and a receiver and communication happens both ways.  You need to be out there every day looking at your news feeds and spending time commenting and liking and sharing and re-tweeting your clients news and updates.  You want to get noticed as someone who is paying attention to be included in the reciprocity that will launch you into cyber success.  You want to be where people are watching and talking about brands and sharing success’.  People love social media as proven by the growing number of platforms that companies are taking on to reach their intended audiences.  As fast as one becomes popular, another one might emerge and become the new hot trending tool.  You have to stay current and you have to purposefully put yourself into the fast lane to be part of what is trending and who the masses begin talking about and to.

Set some time aside everyday to see what is going on in your business social network and Like, Share, Re-Tweet, Comment and post away.  It will take some time but it won’t be too long before you’re part of the conversations happening around you.

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Five Friday Fun Facts

computer tricksSometimes you just have to share quirky things.  There are a few computer keyboard tricks that well, just amuse me.  This knowledge has been out there for a while but since it’s Friday we’ll keep it light and fun.

  • Fun fact #1- By hitting “CONTROL + ALT + one of the arrow buttons= you can turn your computer screen sideways or upside down.  Good prank on April Fools Day or just as a fun shenanigan on a quiet day.
  • Fun fact #2- By hitting the Windows button + TAB = you switch between windows.
  • Fun Fact #3- By hitting Ctrl + Plus= it magnifies the window you’re currently in which is good for those of us progressing in age
  • Fun Fact #4- Pressing Windows button + Space bar= If you need to take a quick glimpse at your desktop
  • Fun Fact #5- Press Shift + Win + Left/Right Arrow= if you are using multiple monitors, this moves a window in the right monitor to the left monitor, and vice versa.

FYI:  as a side note, if you use any of the screen tilting options and your computer times out while the screen is upside down or sideways, you can’t right the ship so to speak before logging back in.  Logging in will be challenging since your mouse movement is also backwards.  A fun trick but I wouldn’t leave that poor person alone for too long because they’ll go crazy trying to figure it out!

So, there you have it.  A few quirky little tricks that probably took up too much work time sharing but sometimes you just have to have fun and share the wealth.  Happy Friday!

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GiftasticThere are some people on twitter who are animation power users.  Every Tweet and blog that get published include fun little snippets of animation that skyrocket their commentary and catch the eye of everyone in cyberspace who follows.  It’s a tactic that gets much attention and draws readers to follow, share and comment on.  If you’ve wondered how they insert those humorous and poignant animated snippets, wonder no more!

GIF’s are a relatively new feature on Twitter for 2016 that most assuredly catches the attention of many.  To some, these have always just been a picture file type that have their use in certain situations but mostly get ignored.  Not anymore.


Now, whenever you’re composing a Tweet or Direct Message, you can search and browse the GIF library. If you’re looking for the perfect OMG or funny dance move to express exactly how you feel, just click the new GIF button. You can then search by keyword, or categories of reactions or whatever is appropriate.  The returned grouping leaves nothing out and gives you many options that will give your tweets the perfect touch.  If you have been looking for a new way to reach out and engage with your followers or attract new ones this is a great update that you should try out.



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What is Your Social Media Crisis Plan?

social media crisis If your business uses social media you are hopefully actively engaging clients on a regular basis.  This is a great way to increase visibility, share what you are up to and stay at the top of your clients minds.  Social media comes with its own set of risks. Negative content, such as bad customer reviews or unfavorable comments, may appear on your company’s social media sites. While social media allows a company to more directly interact with both existing and prospective clients, you should expect that customers can and will use your site to share positive experiences and also air grievances. It’s also important to be aware that incidents, especially negative ones, travel like wildfire and can be viewed globally in a very short amount of time which can potentially lead to disaster if not managed correctly.

Consistently monitoring the activity on your company’s social media sites is key. Devising a plan to respond to any positive or negative content to protect your company’s reputation should be at the top of your to-do list.  One step can be to have a social media policy in place in order to mitigate risks from within and to set boundaries for your employees.  Another critical step is to have a crisis plan to appropriately address feedback & comments that come from your customers which are posted on your sites.  Below is an action plan flowchart to help you determine what the right course of action might be depending on the situation.

If you have questions about social media use, policies or improving your social outreach, you can call the FBinsure main office at 508-824-8666 and speak to our Digital Experience Coordinator, Brenna Gimler or reach out through email:


social crisis flowchart

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Facebook Filtered Messages

Facebook filtered messages.Whether you are new to Facebook or it’s old news to you, you may not know about messages that get filtered.  Have you ever been told by your someone that they sent you a message but you never saw a message?  Before you accuse them of lying, hold on and read on!

Chances are that you aren’t connected to them on Facebook. This isn’t always the case, but most likely the answer.   Recently, Facebook changed the way they managed private messages sent from users who aren’t connected to you via ‘friendship’.  To see what you may have missed, go to your Facebook page and click the messages icon at the top navigation bar.

In the message box you will see: Recent, Message Requests, Mark All Read and New Message.  At the bottom of any messages that populate the Message Requests you will see a funny little option entitled “See filtered requests”.


When you click on this option it takes you to a page where messages get stored that are filtered by Facebook. You most likely never saw these messages and many times they are from someone who messaged you while requesting to connect.  You can handle these any way you choose including whether or not to accept their friend request.  Since there is not notification for these messages, you should check them regularly so you don’t miss anything that might just be important.


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Blogging: Finding Best Practices

blogging best practicesYou don’t have to have a journalism background to be a great blogger. Consider the suggestions below to improve your writing:

  • Read other blogs. You’ll learn from others’ successes (and mistakes) and sharpen your own skills in the process.
  • Always keep your audience in mind and write content for them, not for you.
  • Try to offer a unique opinion or point of view. No one will have a reason to read your blog if your content is similar to other articles they can find online.
  • Avoid overtly plugging your products or services. Instead, discuss trends, offer expertise, or provide your insight on recent news.
  • Include statistics and links to other resources or blogs (assigning appropriate credit) to give more credibility to your blog.
  • Make sure your content is easy to read. Online, people don’t spend much time on one page, so it is important that your content is easy to digest. Don’t write in long blocks of text. Instead, use bullets, numbered lists, subheadings, bold and italics and short paragraphs.
  • Spend time on each headline. Make your headlines worthy of the great content you write. Also, keep your headlines searchable by including relevant keywords about the blog post topic.

Always proofread your blogs. If possible, have someone else review them as well, to check for typos and to make sure it reads well.  For more information on blogging or social media management you can reach me here on LinkedIn through messaging entitled social media inquiry, via email or on Twitter @Brennagimler