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Facebook Filtered Messages

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Facebook filtered messages.Whether you are new to Facebook or it’s old news to you, you may not know about messages that get filtered.  Have you ever been told by your someone that they sent you a message but you never saw a message?  Before you accuse them of lying, hold on and read on!

Chances are that you aren’t connected to them on Facebook. This isn’t always the case, but most likely the answer.   Recently, Facebook changed the way they managed private messages sent from users who aren’t connected to you via ‘friendship’.  To see what you may have missed, go to your Facebook page and click the messages icon at the top navigation bar.

In the message box you will see: Recent, Message Requests, Mark All Read and New Message.  At the bottom of any messages that populate the Message Requests you will see a funny little option entitled “See filtered requests”.


When you click on this option it takes you to a page where messages get stored that are filtered by Facebook. You most likely never saw these messages and many times they are from someone who messaged you while requesting to connect.  You can handle these any way you choose including whether or not to accept their friend request.  Since there is not notification for these messages, you should check them regularly so you don’t miss anything that might just be important.



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