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Neat Little Outlook Calendar Trick

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I use Outlook to keep track of my day.  One particular feature I find helpful and thought that I would share.  If you are anything like me I am always looking to verify available time slots to schedule meetings with people.  Days are chock full of meetings and classes and appointments which sometimes need to be coordinated across several calendars for some very busy folks.  When I pull up multiple calendars, it looks something like this:outlook calendar

Every calendar that you open gets a different color which makes it easy to keep your eyes from wandering in the wrong direction and going to the wrong calendar time slot for the wrong person. This is quite helpful if you are managing multiple meetings and times.  The one thing I don’t like about managing multiple calendars is having to scan across to see if everyone is free.

There is a great  feature within the calendar function that further simplifies things.  At the top of each calendar to the left of the calendar owners name is an arrow pointing to the calendar to the left with the exception of the left most calendar.  When you click on these arrows it merges that calendar with the calendar to its left and color codes everything so it is clear who the appointment belongs to.


By clicking the arrow and merging all calendars you get one view that is easy to read with available times clearly shown.  The active or selected calendar will show scheduled appointments in a solid color while the others will be transparent.  You can click on any calendar and the associated appointments will become opaque and remain color coded accordingly.

To un-merge calendars once combined, click the same arrow used to merge which is now pointing to the right.   Interesting to know that if you deselect a calendar, merged or not, from the list in your navigation pane to the left and then reselect it, it returns to the same merged or unmerged status as before you deselected it.   COOL!



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