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I have been using Google Analytics for some time now, albeit at a very basic level out of a lack of deep diving requirements until this year.  I have spent a tremendous amount of time recently learning about Google Analytics (GA) and how I can better use it to help our marketing efforts which are now much more focused on the sales team and our very unique sales process.  Now that my team has aquired some new Yoda’s with a clear focus and a much more outlined budget it is important to be able to follow the efforts we are implementing going forward.  This as our marketing consultant just walked in the door!  I found a very neat resource within Google Analytics that is super helpful to myself as I manage several GA accounts for our clients.

The items that I report on for all my clients are pretty much the same.  Each month when I do my reporting, I painstakingly pull up every single report one by one from the left navigation fields.  This takes time and I’m always looking for a better way to save some time  given the fact that I haven’t even set up the dashboard to my liking because I have many projects going at the same time.  Today I took the time to sit down and put all the reports I use onto my dashboard.  Yes this took some time but it was worth it.  Now, since I have done all this learning lately about Analytics and Webmaster Tools I am always poking around at the extraneous widgets and gadgets that I could be using to see what they do.  Today I found the SHARE option.  It’s located at the top of the dashboard above your selected reports:

analytics drop down

I am not quite sure yet what Share Object does because when I clicked on it the option just disappeared from the list.  The Share in Solutions Gallery once shared, allows other users to find it in the Solutions Gallery and implement the same configuration.  This is for the masses.  I however, just needed a simpler solution.  I chose Share template link option.  This produces a  pops up box with the link to your dashboard.  It does not share your data, just the set up of your dashboard at that moment that you created the link:

analytics email link


You put this link into an email and you can send it to anyone you like who uses analytics.  I used my work email and sent it to myself to use and I’ll tell you why this was so valuable.  When I opened the link that I sent to myself I had to fill in two pieces of information:

applying a template

I had to select the view (account dashboard) that I wanted to apply it to from the drop down then had to give it a name.  Once you hit create GA applies that template with the name you created to your account dashboard.  This is AWESOME!  Keep in mind that whatever account you are logged into when you hit the link will be the account that gets the custom dashboard.  Can you say timesaver?

As I learn more and more about GA I will be certain to share since I find GA and Webmaster Tools to be very confusing and way too deep for me to have mastered.  You’d have to do analytics full time to have a handle on it fully.   Now that I have scratched the surface it’s like a personal mission to become the Yoda of GA so I can use the force to the best of my ability.


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