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You Have To Be Willing To Re-Invent Yourself

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reinventI love to read Matt Norman (@MattNorman) because he reminds me of Anthony Robbins.  He has great advice that to many may seem like common sense and he tells you that it’s up to you to make changes because change and opportunity doesn’t just come knocking on your door.  I know this to be true because I have spent the last 10 years re-creating myself – no really!  I worked like any of us do.  High School to college working 40 hrs a week busting my butt.  Move up in the company you work at through college at gaining notoriety and respect.  Then my world changed.  I got laid off not one, not two, not three but four times!  YES 4!  This was an incredibly painful process and probably more so for the family that I’m sure I tortured with lack of security.

I went from everything, all big and important head honcho to an invisible entity that meant nothing to anyone.  So what was I forced to do?  I reinvented myself by taking an executive job which I was well qualified for but had never had.  I took it and made the most of it…learned the job and gained new skills until…layoff #2

So once again I re-invented myself but this time I sold my true skills.  Customer Service Director.  This I knew inside and out and could do with my eyes closed.  Everything was pretty good until this company went under.  So technically it isn’t a layoff officially but I no longer had a job.

Next stop – Sales Executive.  This was a four year engagement until the company was forced to make cuts and yep I got laid off.  So this time I turned my skills upside down and wrote myself a job that didn’t exist and sold it to people that really didn’t have their arms wrapped fully around social media.  Now I live, breathe and eat social media.  It’s just my thing.  I totally understand it and why it is so important.  It’s almost like this job was just waiting for me to arrive.  I wrote 9 pages of how I would use it to better the company and ideas I had and initiative I wanted to implement.  I totally went to town on details and thankfully they believed I would do everything I said and I have.  I made a concept come to life and jump off the page.  I created what started out as a contract job and turned it into a full time job as an actual employee for my company.

Why did this work?  Because I was willing to look at things differently and take the skills I was good at and sell them.  I had to step back from failure,  look at how companies were starting to do business and make something out of that giant lump of clay.  I could have sat at my proverbial “Potters Wheel” and cried but I had a vision of what my vase would look like and believed I could do it.

You have to be willing to try things out and see what sticks in order to be successful.  Be dilligent and deliberate with what you are choosing to try out but take it, mold it, change it and make it yours.  Social media is social media but it’s how we use that tool that matters.  Just posting on Facebook doesn’t matter if you aren’t trying new things.  Video, polls, pictures, helpful information, important information, fun information.  What you share is limitless as long as it’s pertinent to your business.  If you stay in the same old rut you are going to get run over by the new companies with filled with millennials who will try new and unique things that ultimately will resonate with todays customer.

Be brave.  Be bold.  Be unique and amazing and never stop creating new ways to do the same business!



Author: SteelMonarch1

Mother, Wife, runner, social butterfly & happy employee who has turned social media it into a passion, a job and an experience. I share what I know and what I learn about social media for business from the many networks I frequent with all of my followers so they may incorporate it into their world. I am always learning in this ever changing environment that never stops and enjoy the non stop pace probably because I don't either. Connect with me and we can share the path!

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