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Think_before_you_post_kleinThis week I want to tackle something that was recently brought to my attention.  @ShawnLeeStudios is a deceptively talented and rather humorous photographer.  Full of energy and sarcasm (my type of guy).  One of the things he talked about at Brand Camp a few weeks ago was the Good or Right concept.  What this means is that just because something looks good doesn’t mean it is right for your brand.  In his case he sees many companies that do not give much thought to the images that they share before they share them.  Sometimes the intention is good like sharing the company Christmas pictures but the thought just is not there as proven by the inebriated and eyebrow raising shenanigans displayed in the pictures.  Listen, you only have one chance to get it right just like a first impression.  Show up with bad breath and you may never get another interview.  Irrationality or haste are not to be sold unless what you are selling is supported by those types of images.  These things must be well-chosen as much as they should be well thought through in terms of what and why you are sharing them.  What do they mean to anyone other than you?  Just because it is funny to you doesn’t mean anyone else on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ will think so.

You want to give thought to three things before posting pictures or video to any of your social media sites.  If you can’t answer yes to these then you better think twice about sharing them with your audience.

  1. Does it make sense to who you are.  I wouldn’t post a random and irrelevant picture that I couldn’t tie back to an insurance topic on the company blog.
  2. Is it relative?  You wouldn’t post a Christmas picture in July unless it were for something like a Christmas in July sale.  Is what you are sharing obvious?
  3. Does it matter?  Posting pictures of my children on the company blog or Facebook page is irrelevant to our customers and followers UNLESS they are working at one of our community service projects and are wearing one of our famous bright yellow FB Cares shirts.  Maybe it is a picture of a new baby who belongs to one of the employees that work for the company.  It needs to mean something to both the company and your followers or they will soon tune you out as random and irrelevant.

We are always learning about what resonates with our customers.  It is a process that never ends.  As long as we wish to stay in business, whether we use social media or not, we will be required to apply active and thoughtful thinking into what we share, write, post and update.  Companies will always be seeking to acquire and romance new customers.  To do so and remain in good standing they must do everything possible to ensure that every touch they make to their forward facing audience makes sense and is well interpreted to that audience.  Now you can’t please everyone but you won’t please anyone if serious thought is not applied prior to hitting the post, tweet or schedule button.  It is perhaps why they call it WORK.


Author: SteelMonarch1

Mother, Wife, runner, social butterfly & happy employee who has turned social media it into a passion, a job and an experience. I share what I know and what I learn about social media for business from the many networks I frequent with all of my followers so they may incorporate it into their world. I am always learning in this ever changing environment that never stops and enjoy the non stop pace probably because I don't either. Connect with me and we can share the path!

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