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13 Things I Learned At Brand Camp

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brand campI had the opportunity to attend Brand Camp yesterday and it was a day well spent.  The eyes over there belong to the genius behind Brand Camp, Hajj Flemmings (@HajjFlemings ).  The guy has just rocketed a passion into a brand and something that anyone in a new or existing business can benefit from.  Not only was it super organized but the speaker lineup was well thought out and quite thorough.  Everyone who spoke had pretty much built their brands on their backs and had great stories about their journeys to success.  There was truly something for everyone in the day and not even the lawyers, at whose facility we were camping out at, were without a humorous infusion to what they shared.  Hard to do when you are speaking about trademarks but they did it with ease.  I learned a bakers dozen in helpful tips that reminded me why, other than needing to feed the family, I love what I do!  Grab your pens!

  1. Expectations, memories, stories and relationships account for a consumers decision to choose to buy one product over another. (@haajflemings)
  2. Create something that people want to be a part of which cannot be duplicated easily. (@selkoe)
  3. Set expectations then meet and exceed them. (@thelindsayist)
  4. How is what you are sharing relevant to what you are selling? (@PerkettPR)
  5. There are never enough days. (@cc_chapman)
  6. People, Process, Product. (@MinistrySupply)
  7. Find what makes it easier for people to do business with you and solve problems in your field.  (@JoselinMane)
  8. Believe. Prepare. Take bite sized pieces. Don’t run out of gas – You Gotta Get There! (@BryantMcBride)
  9. Trademarks don’t mean anything until you put them on a product and ship it. (@JSJEsq)
  10. Associations & experience make your brand memorable.  (@RobertCollins)
  11. Cause marketing isn’t for everyone but if you try to tackle it, you need to figure out how to connect with your customer’s passion points. (@katrinamel)
  12. Good or right.  That is the question you need to consider when using imagery for your brand.  Get a professional! (@ShawnLeeStudios)
  13. There is a brand inside your brand.  You do not have to leave your job to make a mark! (@ambassadorbruny)

So there you have it.  My bakers dozen tips, nuggets and takeaways from Brand Camp 2014.  If you couldn’t go, mark your calendars for the next one in your area.  invaluable experience.


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