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Family Fun

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family funMy little family of 5 is doing their first race as a group… well the kids will be doing the 5K and Rob and I are doing the 5K at Gillette Stadium this week.  This is the first race we’ve done together and I’m looking forward to it!  We drove the route over the weekend and WHOO WEE the 10K is what seems to be all uphill the entire way.  LOL I hear the group that runs the race is large and that may effect how fast you can run anyway but you end up on the field at the end of the race and there are fireworks that night.  The good thing about this race is that my kids are running on their own to get ready!  I’m so proud of them for doing this.  Two of them don’t really like running much so this is a BIG deal!

This will be a good precursor to my half in VA I would think.  We’ll see!



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