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Changes in Google Analytics

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If you use Google Analytics with any regularity you will notice, if you haven’t already, that there have been a few changes that cause you to pause when working on those statistics.  As we know Google is always changing things up and altering their algorithms to keep things current. This is a good thing in my opinion when it is behind the scenes and just works without my having to do much outside of my SEO tasks that accompany a normal work week.  When they start messing with my flow, I get a little cranky for a minute or two.  That’s the linear Ukranian in me!

Anyway, two things that caused a hiccup in my flow this month were simple alterations to words.

analytics changes


What used to be known as visits are now known as “sessions”  Any category formerly labelled by visits  such as “Average Visit Duration” is now sporting the new and slightly improved label of ‘Average Session Duration”.  Seems easy enough but can trip you up the first time you log in for your monthly stats.  A second change that felt like swallowing a huge bubble of air with my water following a run was the replacement of the familiar term “Visitors” with a shiny new sticker known as “Users”.  Again no big deal but enough to slow momentum a bit. So be on the lookout for those changes and realize that there will always be a new and improved version of things that you feel are perfectly great the way they are.  This may be something that gets worse with age but it is not going to go away to satisfy one stiff linear personality in a world of soft and fluffy.


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