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Is Your Social Media Message On Target?

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on targetMany people are buzzing recently about the fact that CVS is going to be removing all Tobacco products from their shelves.  At first this may seem radical and even unusual, but is it really?  CVS took a hard look at their company.  From the top down they identified if what they sell supports who they are.  As a Pharmacy with a retail medical clinic division their image supports that of health and well-being.  Cigarettes on the other hand do not promote health.  In fact they can cause cancer which can lead to death.  These messages clash with one another causing CVS CEO Larry Merlo to state: “Ending the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products at CVS is the right thing for us to do for our customers and our company to help people on their path to better health…put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose.”

This begs the question: Is the message you put forth through social media one that supports or destroys your mission and vision statements,  products that you sell and even the services that you offer?  Have you ever thought about social media in that way?  Perhaps you should.  I have always stood fast by the fact that what you do and share says volumes about how you do business.  It has a tremendous impact on whether or not people want to do business with you.  Are you posting relevant material that can be tied to your main lines of business or are you just a social butterfly with a Facebook page just to have a page?  If you are unsure about whether or not all of the engagement you are doing on the internet is sending the right message then you need to take a step back and evaluate the message.


Author: SteelMonarch1

Mother, Wife, runner, social butterfly & happy employee who has turned social media it into a passion, a job and an experience. I share what I know and what I learn about social media for business from the many networks I frequent with all of my followers so they may incorporate it into their world. I am always learning in this ever changing environment that never stops and enjoy the non stop pace probably because I don't either. Connect with me and we can share the path!

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