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Power Director

As I dive into video production it is an entirely new and exciting world.  I am stepping into this world with a Radio and TV minor from 19xx.   Needless to say it was what seems to be a loooong time ago that I eagerly looked forward to working at my local TV station in hopes of touching stardom.  Fast forward nearly 20 years and that didn’t quite pan out.  That’s ok however because I love what I do now and I’m sure I would not be here had I followed that path.

As I began, I am charged with producing video.  This really is a new world and seemed quite unfathomable as a one man band.  I have never used video editing software let alone produced video’s of any kind or quality.  Nevertheless, I am super excited to be working on this project.  I expect challenges and rewards along the way.  It is a perfect outlet for my creative brain to go crazy!

In preparation for this new work, I did my research and interviewed professionals, read articles and looked up numerous software and hardware solutions that I could work with that wouldn’t break the bank.  What I discovered was Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate Suite.  If you are savvy enough to figure out Power Point or Publisher or perhaps another program that enables you to create things, you are savvy enough to manage this product.

Things I like about it:

  1. The cost did not break that bank
  2. Drop and drag technology
  3. Easily identifiable icons
  4. How to guide that is written in a language that is easy for me to understand
  5. Production steps are clearly outlined
  6. You have many options for your finished product
  7. The available effects options with this purchase were enough to get me going.  As with most products you get the Cadillac with an upgrade but the package deal is a good start
  8. Your only limitation is your imagination
  9. Edits are very easy to do and change
  10. Navigating is fairly simple

Things I don’t really appreciate:

  1. The program randomly shuts down during editing.  It isn’t too bad but can be frustrating.
  2. The good effects that I wanted came with an upgrade but for now I’m ok with the package I have

Overall, I don’t have any complaints.  You can take a very simple Flip video and turn it into something that people will share on Facebook with their friends.  From adding subtitles and music, customizing and branding introductions to creating credit rolls and special effects, this software is a dream for me.  It is truly a great tool for those new to the video endeavor.  This package was just under $200 and came with something called WaveEditor which I have not used yet.  It is an audio editing software that works much the same way as PowerDirector does for video.

Editing is where you will need your patience.  This takes DAYS so don’t try to get it done in an hour or you will be sadly disappointed.  It takes time to learn what you are doing and you should expect to make mistakes along the way to your finished products.  Mistakes that include the loss of hours of work.  This is par for the course so save often and don’t lose your cool when it happens.  😉

Here is a test video I did featuring my kids as the guinea pigs.  Cool Stuff!


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