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Feedly’s cool tool

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If  you are like me and just transitioning from Google Reader to Feedly, due to the impending annihilation of Reader in July, you should by now have a feel for how it works. For me the transition was a no brainer as it is set up in much the same fashion as my Reader was.

As I was perusing Feedly, as I do on many days, I noticed today that there are small numbers displayed after the title of the articles in title only view, at the bottom of the description in card view and magazine view and at the top of  the article in full article view.  It looks something like this:

Feedly infoThese ingenious additions to your Feedly news are the number of Likes that the story received via social media sources.  This is a great way to see which stories were most popular that might be beneficial to share with your followers.  I am a big fan of tools that make the social media job just that much easier.  This is one of those tools.  It’s the little things that make a big difference.

If you click on the number of Likes Feedly will then show you where those Likes were received.  The more I use this great tool, the cooler it gets.  It would take a lot of selling to get me to use another news aggregator but then again I’m still in the “Honeymoon” stage with this tool.  I always try to keep an open mind which is a key when managing the social media for an entire organization.  If you become closed minded because you are happy with what you have, that is great however, you will miss out on tools and information that could possibly make or break the way you reach your clients, employees and followers.  It might also cost you existing or new followers if  “the other guy” does not settle for acceptable by always striving to stay on top of the latest and greatest.


Author: SteelMonarch1

Mother, Wife, runner, social butterfly & happy employee who has turned social media it into a passion, a job and an experience. I share what I know and what I learn about social media for business from the many networks I frequent with all of my followers so they may incorporate it into their world. I am always learning in this ever changing environment that never stops and enjoy the non stop pace probably because I don't either. Connect with me and we can share the path!

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