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Facebook’s Graph Search

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One of the more annoying things about Facebook that are the repetitive suggestions on who you might want to be friends with based on your current network of friends.  LinkedIn does the same thing by asking you to endorse people for certain skills, even for those people you do not know.  Every time you log into your accounts there are more and more suggestions that seem to pop up.  These are never ending and can be a huge distraction and quite frankly a time suck.  I hate them and tend to close the box whenever possible or just ignore the flashy flashy hotel beacon screaming at me to pay it some attention.  As annoying as that can be, Facebook is actually using their knowledge of you and your network, which you have provided to them by the way,  for something that I believe to be of greater use.   Facebook’s Graph Search is just coming out of the box.  The way it works is that like a Google search, you can search for something you are looking for right in Facebook.   Why would you want to leave the mighty Google search engine?  Because unlike Google which uses the vastness of the internet to find you any and all results for your topic, which are largely effected by SEO efforts, Facebook uses the likes and dislikes of your network to produce results.

Facebook is now going to give you a search tool that will produce specific and prioritized results based on what your Facebook friends have said on Facebook, what they have actually done and the things that they have recommended all within their Facebook page.   The results that you get will be highly specific, limited and much more relevant to you because it comes directly from the people you interact with daily.

Facebook graph search

It is a proven fact that consumers are more likely to make purchases when those products and services are recommended to them from a friend or acquaintance.  Not just a little more likely, A LOT.  Like + 60% more likely!  That is a big percent not to have taken advantage of.  Facebook can be an annoyance, a time suck, a waste of time among other things, but it can never be said that the company as a whole is not clever.  By creating a search engine within it’s platform, Facebook is stealing some of Google’s thunder and their users by taking statistics that their users provide and turning it into a tool that will most likely be quite successful.


It has yet to  be discovered just how much traffic Facebook will be taking from Google.  After all Google IS Google but it will be interesting to see how useful it is and just how much notoriety Facebook gains from their new toy.  Facebook has struggled quite publicly since their IPO but they may have just come up with something that might gain them some brownie points.  We shall see.


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