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To Pin Or Not To Pin.

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I hear this question more and more as I interact with people and write about social media for business.  The answer I like to give is in the form of a question or two.

  1. Do you have a product where a picture can showcase your workmanship?
  2. Do you use pictures in your sales meetings with potential clients?
  3. Is a picture truly worth a 1,000 words (or a sale in this case) and will it help you make a sale?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Pinterest is a viable option for you.   More and more people engage in “Zero Moments of Truth”.    This is when a friend shares something, such as pictures of their new purchase along with a statement about their experience or opinion of that product.  This becomes free marketing where people see it and then pin it to their own Pinterest boards which are then seen by their friends who do the same.  It could realistically become the most pinned item and may result in someone going out and purchasing it just because they saw it on Pinterest.

Look at the statistics for any business Facebook page.  The virality and engagement of posts that include pictures lead the statistics of engagement with your audience.  Why do you think magazines use emotionally driven pictures on their front covers?  To get you to buy them!  Marketers do the same thing by using pictures of happy people on their packaging?  The point is that if you give people an interesting picture to look at and pique their attention, they are more likely to check it out.

Let’s say you are a Baker.  By setting up a Pinterest account, you can set up a board for each product category like cakes, torte’s, pastries etc.  You can then post pictures of all the wonderfully delectable treats that you make and pin them on the category boards with pricing information and any important facts that they should know about  that product.  People are “Pinning”  at a skyrocketing rate.  It’s the latest and greatest social media craze.  If you have a visual product then I would say give it a whirl.  If you would like to see a company that uses it well take a look at Konditor Meister  or Whole Foods Market.


Author: SteelMonarch1

Mother, Wife, runner, social butterfly & happy employee who has turned social media it into a passion, a job and an experience. I share what I know and what I learn about social media for business from the many networks I frequent with all of my followers so they may incorporate it into their world. I am always learning in this ever changing environment that never stops and enjoy the non stop pace probably because I don't either. Connect with me and we can share the path!

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